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Practical tips for navigating daily life with low energy, executive function challenges, and disabilities

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About this site

Hello and welcome to Low Spoon Living! I’m Suzanne, the founder of this space, a place for those who feel like everyday life and everyday tasks can be a bit of a battle.

This site was born out of a lifelong struggle with what people would term as “simple tasks”, tasks that seemed effortless and manageable for others but often were almost impossible for me. For this reason I (and often others) labeled me as lazy, unmotivated or unwilling to put in the effort. I knew this wasn’t the case but was unable to understand why simple things were often so difficult.

Through random chance one day I came across the concept of executive dysfunction and realized that what I was experiencing wasn’t laziness but rather a deeper, more complex issue. Understanding that my struggles were not due to a lack of effort but rather a cognitive hurdle changed everything. Once I stopped beating myself up and decided to cooperate with the way my brain worked and started concentrating on my strengths rather than my failings I found that things slowly started to improve. Sometimes it was just a simple matter of doing things in a different way, a way that made sense to me (even if it didn’t always make sense to others).

Low Spoon Living was born from a desire to create a space where understanding, practical advice, and community support can be found for people who are also struggling. Here, I try to combine personal experiences with researched, science backed insights as well as practical tips. My mission is to help others who are on a similar path, providing tools and understanding that transform ‘setbacks’ into stepping stones towards a more manageable and fulfilling life.

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