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24 No prep, no cook breakfast ideas

Let’s face it mornings are hard. The thought of cooking is just… ugh, but you need to eat and preferably eat something that doesn’t remind you of cardboard and has more nutritional value than just sugar. From the protein packed simplicity of hard-boiled eggs to the convenience of grab-and-go fruits, these are super simple, yet nourishing breakfast ideas. These require next to no effort, perfect for when time’s tight, energy’s low, or you’re just struggling.

prep or cooking needed

1) Individual Greek yoghurt cups, cottage cheese or fruit yoghurt

2) Protein or regular breakfast bars – these can be very convenient and also nutritious, just make sure to read the labels when buying

3) Fruit – this is a fairly obvious one but becomes extra amazing when paired with the following —->

4) Cheese – string cheese, cheddar cubes, whatever takes your fancy

5) Pepperoni or salami sticks – tasty and very filling

6) Nuts – pistachios, cashews, peanuts, almonds, these can be a nutritious and convenient option

7) Level up your coffee – Add protein powder or some coconut oil into your morning coffee for a quick breakfast and coffee combo

8) Ham and cheese rollups – wrap a couple of slices of salami or ham, a slice of cheese and you have a high protein quick breakfast

9) Baby carrots, cucumbers, celery or other vegetables with your favorite dip

10) Protein shakes – buy ready to drink varieties, these can be pretty filling if you like the idea of a drink as breakfast

11) Tinned fruit – offers lots of variety

12) Trail mix – for slow release energy that can keep you full for longer

13) Smoked salmon wrapped in lettuce – ok not everybody’s cup of tea for breakfast but if you love smoked salmon this is a great and satisfying way to start the day

14) Ready to eat Tofu squares or bites (a personal favorite is five spice tofu squares)

Some prep may be required

15) Hard boiled eggs – make a batch in advance and store in the fridge for a convenient breakfast

16) Frozen breakfast wraps or burritos – usually only takes seconds to heat up in the microwave

17) Smoothie – add your own ingredients and can be made the night before

18) Charcuterie in a bag/lunchbox – takes minutes to put together. You can add cheese, olives, sundried tomato, ham, whatever takes your fancy. Or you can buy them ready made.

19) Microwaved sweet potato with Greek yoghurt – a little unusual but very nutritious

20) Last night leftovers – just reheat (or not, depending on what it is )

21) Overnight oats  – prepare the night before and just grab and go in the morning

22) Rice cakes/crackers with your favorite spread or cheese

23) Egg bites – You can make these ahead of time or buy them ready made from the freezer section. They only take a minute or two to warm up

24) Chia pudding – Can be made the night before

Some final Low Spoon Breakfast thoughts

– Try to Incorporate protein: Protein helps in keeping you full and provides sustained energy.

– Add Fresh Vegetables and Fruit: Not only do they provide essential vitamins and minerals, but can also add crunch and natural sweetness to your breakfast.

– Think Outside the Box: Don’t limit yourself to traditional breakfast foods. Sometimes, unconventional choices like cold pizza or last nights dinner leftovers can be just as satisfying and nutritious

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